My name is Danny Anderson and I began photography in the very early ‘90s. One art class fuelled my interest and it has waxed and waned casually (if intensely) ever since. And then in January of 2001 I began to DJ in clubs as DJ dAndroid. And that is another creative outlet which persists to this day.

After a long hiatus I've rediscovered my love of photography and it is a passion I’m grateful to explore again. From 35mm Film, Polaroids, and Digital (including iPhoneography), I am documenting every moment that I can.

I re-learned and refined the alchemical art of both traditional film photography and fine art darkroom printing. Through passionate friends I have explored the art of both film and paper processing with a coffee based solution, often referred to as “caffenol.” The many benefits include low toxicity and environmental impact along with a subtle warm, sepia stain. For most uses however I <3 our digital age.

My DJ-ing took a backseat many years ago to my career in social work. But I still spin when I’m invited and/or my time allows me. In recent years I have spun several times a year for Crimson Events.

I intend to update this with a repository for my decade of past DJ nights and posters, and perhaps downloadable sets and mash-ups. My published band interviews, and of course photo albums. Oh photos.

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